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Canada is known to have one of the world’s highest rates of youth cannabis use - although rates have been dropping since Canada legalized cannabis.

However, not all youth choose to smoke weed and those that do vary in their frequency and reasons for doing it.

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Weed? Not for me thanks

"I’m not interested in trying weed, but interested in knowing the facts"

With cannabis use being increasingly normalized, do you ever feel pressured to try it, but don’t really want to? If you’re committed to not using weed, that’s your choice and it’s a valid one.

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Youth considering cannabis use

Considering Cannabis

"I’m thinking about trying weed, but I don’t currently use it"

Experimentation and curiosity are very common reasons among youth for trying weed.

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Keepin’ it casual

"I use weed occasionally, but not more than once a week"

Most people who use weed occasionally do so without problems, however, the safest choice is to delay use until after age 25. The earlier and more frequent weed is consumed, the greater the chance of experiencing negative outcomes associated with it. That’s probability math for you!

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Is Weed a Need?

"I use weed frequently, every day or most days"

In 2019, Statistics Canada showed that a higher portion of youth (16 to 19) and young adults (20 to 25) reported daily or almost daily cannabis use (16% and 24% respectively).

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