Weed. What do I really need to know?

Now that cannabis is legal, what do I need to know?

Maybe you use weed, are dead set against it, or somewhere in between.

Whatever you do or think when it comes to weed, this site may challenge your beliefs. Designed to help you make informed choices and promote your well-being, this site covers current evidence, helps examine your relationship with weed, provides tips and tools to reduce harms, and more.

No matter where you stand, this website has something for you.

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What's With Weed 101

Understand the basics about cannabis, how it works, methods of use, etc...

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What's With Weed + You?

Learn reasons youth use or don’t use weed and reflect on your own relationship with weed.

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What Are Unique Risks to Youth?

Find out which risks seem to be higher for youth, and the factors that matter most.

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What Can Reduce Harms?

Explore how to reduce harms with use and when it’s not safe to consume weed.

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What’s Legal, What’s Not?

Learn what is and isn’t legal. Legalization comes with restrictions you need to know.

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Additional Resources

Explore other sources of information and where to find support.

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