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If you complete the Check Your Cannabis Questionnaire, you are encouraged to hit the “Clear Data” button after submitting your questionnaire data to ensure your answers are not saved and stored on your device for others to view. Your anonymous personal data provided by you is only used in the following ways by Evolution Health Solutions, the owner of the questionnaire:

  • To create your personal report
  • To be grouped with other people's data to understand how to improve the software platform for other users
  • To be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the software platform for culturally diverse and international-based group of individuals
  • To collect anonymous data that is used in validating the effectiveness of this software platform by professional researchers

If you register for the SMS tool, your mobile phone number will only be used by Evolution Health Solutions, owner of the tool, to send program messages for as long as you want to receive them. Your phone number is never shared or used for any other purpose. 

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