General Information


Cannabis in Canada, Get the Facts
(Government of Canada)

Cannabis education resources


Cannabis: Important Things to Know

This page provides youth specific information about cannabis and links to additional help if needed.


Youth Health Effects


The Health Effects of Cannabis
(Health Canada)


Health Effects of Cannabis
(Government of the Northwest Territories) 

Comic strip style posters with augmented reality features. Download the “Zappar” app and these posters developed for youth will come to life! 


Under Construction: Cannabis and the Teen-Age Brain
An entertaining, animated video explaining how cannabis works in the body and in particular how it may interact with the developing brain during adolescence.


Teen Mental Health 

The cannabis education pages on the Teen Mental Health website provide access to a humourous video that covers detailed facts about cannabis, busts myths and BS, and promotes informed decision-making. It also includes a downloadable poster, "10 Questions about Cannabis" in English, French, and Chinese.


We’re Talking About Weed
(Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health)

This link includes general information about cannabis and youth, as well as We’re Talking About Weed campaign videos targeting youth.

Evidence Resources/Tools


A Tool Kit for Educating Youth
(Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, 2018)

Includes information about what cannabis is, a review of the evidence on health risks and benefits to date, recommendations for educating youth, and a pull-out curriculum tool.


The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research
(National Academies Press, 2017)

This link provides access to the single most trusted review of global scientific literature on cannabis and evidence for risks and benefits. 


Clearing the Smoke on Cannabis 
(Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction)

Here you will find a series of 6 reports on Cannabis and: Respiratory Effects of Cannabis Smoking; Regular Use and Mental Health; Cannabis Use and Driving; Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids; Maternal Use during Pregnancy; Regular and Cognitive Functioning.


Harm Reduction Guides


Lower Risk Guidelines for Cannabis (19+)
Printable pamphlet from Centre for Mental Health and Addiction—CAMH


The Blunt Truth
Printable z-card with evidence-based lower risk guidelines, designed for youth by youth—CAMH


Cannabis Resources
(University of Waterloo/School of Pharmacy)

This link provides access to youth-oriented brief videos and infographics with recommendations for delaying use or reducing harms.

Driving and Cannabis


Cannabis Impaired Driving Campaign
(Canadian Auto Association (CAA))

This site provides good general information about risks of driving under the influence of cannabis and includes some humourous public awareness campaign videos targeting youth and parents 


Don’t Drive High Campaign
(Health Canada)

Check out several interactive videos on this site with gamification that address perceptions, symptoms, consequences, and alternatives related to driving and cannabis.


Good to Go? App

This app helps to assess fitness to drive. Use this app BEFORE getting into your vehicle if you've been drinking, consuming cannabis, or highly emotional. Never drive when unsafe to do so.

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Cannabis and Driving Overview
(MADD Canada) 

This webpage provides detailed information about cannabis and driving, the law, and some very informative educational videos including how drivers are evaluated by law enforcement.


5 Myths
(Manitoba Public Insurance)

Quick and easy poster .pdf that highlights 5 common myths about driving high. 


Alcohol or Drugs: Impaired is Impaired
(Ministry of Transportation of Ontario-MTO)

New (2019) resource that includes 10 fasts and 10 myths about impaired driving and legal penalties spelled out in easy to read infographics.

Electronic reading

Printable version


Youth Empowerment



A site produced by the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), in partnership with Health Canada, targeting athletes, parents and coaches with information and videos on cannabis facts, how to have conversations, staying focused on your goals, tips for passing on weed with your friends, and much more.


Pursue Your Passion

The Government of Canada is sending a team of Information Ambassadors to schools across Canada to help youth pursue their passion, without the use of cannabis.


First Nations Health Authority Youth Campaign  

This resource is geared toward Indigenous youth. It links indigenous teachings as a guide to respect powerful substances and promote learning about cannabis to give youth strength and ability to make informed choices for themselves and others. It includes reflecting on cannabis use, harm reduction, and tools for support when use is problematic.

Mental Health Support


Big White Wall Canada
(Ontarians age 16 years of age and over)

A supportive, anonymous, on-line community resource chock full of resources including: 

  • Artistic tools to help visually represent how you’re feeling
  • Guided programmes on a range of topics such as ‘Manage Stress & Anxiety’, ‘Quit smoking’, ‘Manage Your Depression’, ‘Eat Healthy & Lose Weight’ and more
  • Lots of different tests to help determine how you’re feeling
  • A bank of useful resources and information about mental health and more



This app helps you learn ways of coping with low mood and anxiety. Get a tailored list of 5 Missions to help you feel better. 

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ConnexOntario assists individuals with access to addiction, mental health, and problem gambling services.




Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7, national support service. We offer professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French.



This app is designed to help you cope with anxiety and tackle a range of challenges related to everyday anxiety. 

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Medical Cannabis Information 


Medical Use of Cannabis

This link provides information on accessing cannabis for medical purposes and the process for applying to be a licensed producer.