NICHE Canada

Our Mandate

NICHE is a not-for-profit corporation established to support the development of public policy and research to assist all levels of government and our communities manage the key issues tied to the legalization of cannabis. Working with the academic community, governments, industry partners, health advocates, law enforcement and interested stakeholders, NICHE provides spaces for collaborative, transparent, and fact-based public dialogue and discussion across Canada. Our primary goal is to support the development of policies that centralize the health and safety of Canadians as a fundamental priority, while also drawing attention to the issues and challenges in ‘real world’ settings, thus optimizing the response to public health and safety concerns that arise within our communities.

NICHE is an independent not-for-profit organization which strives to bring together academic researchers, government law makers, industry partners and public health partners to advocate for a collaborative, sensible and evidence based approach to cannabis legalization in Canada.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is a complex issue with multiple stakeholders and levels of government who play key roles in developing a framework to ensure the safe transition to legal cannabis. With legalization, the focus on public safety and public health requires strategic partnerships to support research, policy, public education and new resources for health and law enforcement stakeholders.


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