Keepin’ it casual

"I use weed occasionally, but not more than once a week"


Most people who use weed occasionally do so without problems, however, the safest choice is to delay use until after age 25. The earlier and more frequent weed is consumed, the greater the chance of experiencing negative long-term outcomes associated with it. That’s probability math for you!

Does this Describe You?

Occasional/casual consumers of weed tell us they:

  • mainly use cannabis socially with friends to have fun or chill out
  • consume it once a week at most, but often less frequently
  • don’t see cannabis use as causing significant health or social harm
  • believe cannabis likely provides health benefits 

Sometimes occasional use progresses to more frequent use. It can sneak up on you. If weed has provided positive feelings in the past, it may start to become your “go to” remedy when things aren’t going so well or to have fun. Or, your friends may increase how often they use and you follow the same pattern. Taking time to self-reflect can help you stay in control. 

Do you know how many Canadian’s your age and gender are occasional consumers like you? 

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