Is Weed a Need?

"I use weed frequently, almost daily, if not daily"


In 2019, Statistics Canada showed that a higher portion of youth (16 to 19) and young adults (20 to 25) reported daily or almost daily cannabis use (16% and 24% respectively).

Does this Describe You? 

Youth who are frequent consumers often:

  • Consume cannabis daily or almost daily
  • Start as an occasional consumer, but at some point feel like they need weed to cope with every-day life, to escape, feel better, or to sleep (i.e., self-medicate)
  • May not be aware they have lost control of their consumption
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms like sleep disturbances or mood changes when they stop consuming weed 

Questions to Ask Yourself 

What are your reasons for using so frequently? Reflect on whether weed is actually meeting your needs or not. Are you using weed to cope, escape, or self-medicate? Is it something you’d rather not do so frequently, but you’re not sure how to change this habit? 

How is frequent use of weed affecting you? Write down anything that comes to mind in terms of your feelings, well-being, relationships, school or job performance, money issues, interest in activities, etc. Identify where weed is negatively impacting any of these areas of your life.

Is it time to consider making changes? Perhaps you’re concerned about how weed is affecting you now or will long-term and you’d like to explore making changes to gain control.

The following tools can help you reflect, identify areas of risk, and initiate change:

Complete the Check Your Cannabis Questionnaire, an anonymous self-assessment and get your personal report. It shows how your experiences with weed compare to other youth, your level of risk for negative outcomes, and recommendations for harm reduction.


Note: To protect your privacy on your device, after submitting the questionnaire, click the “Clear Data” button.

Sign-up for our SMS text message tool. For a limited time you receive a daily text covering facts about weed, prompts to help you reflect on your use and how you’re feeling, tips for cutting down/quitting if that’s your goal, stress/anxiety management, and more. You can opt out at any time.


Note: To protect your privacy, when you register select to receive messages at a time of day when you know you will most likely be in private to avoid others seeing an incoming text about cannabis.

Getting Additional Help

If you’re worried you’ve lost control over weed, or need help to address the reasons you use it, speak to someone for additional help:

  • Trusted adults in your life, like your parents, teacher, or coach if you’re on a team
  • Youth worker or guidance counsellor at your school
  • KidsHelpPhone 1-800-668-6868
  • ConnexOntario 1-866-531-2600