Youth considering cannabis use

Considering Cannabis

"I’m thinking about trying weed, but I don’t currently use it"


Experimentation and curiosity are very common reasons among youth for trying weed.

Why Do YOU Want to Try it?

Is it just curiosity, peer pressure, or some other reason you need to reflect on further? 
It’s your decision, but if you’re not sure, that’s OK. Remember, the safest choice is to delay use until after age 25, or not use at all. Consider the factors that may elevate your risk of having a negative experience before you try weed. 

Young people who say “experimentation” is their main motivator, compared to youth who try weed to cope with mental health issues or to be social, are more likely to:

  • stop consuming cannabis after trying it 
  • consume it less frequently


They are also less likely to develop a substance use problem.

If your reason to try cannabis is to self-medicate, that is to feel better mentally or physically, or escape from personal challenges, talk to an adult you trust, your health care provider, or call Kids Help Line (1-800-668-6868) to get more appropriate help. 

Start Low and Go Slow!

The majority of people who try cannabis don’t experience bad effects, but it can affect everyone differently. If you do choose to try it, remember the mantra, “Start low (use just a little bit) and go slow (wait until you feel an effect before consuming more)”. In the meantime:

Complete the Check Your Cannabis Questionnaire, an anonymous self-assessment and get your personal report. It shows how many other Canadian youth your age use, or do not use cannabis and provides information on risks. 


Note: In order to submit the questionnaire you must answer the question about how much you spend on weed. If you don’t use, that will be zero, but for the purposes of the questionnaire, please enter one cent (“0.01”).

To protect your privacy on your device, after submitting the questionnaire, click the “Clear Data” button.

Check out our SMS text message tool. For a limited time you receive a daily text with information about weed, laws, how to lower risks for harms, tips to manage stress, and more. You can opt out at any time. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Note: To protect your privacy, when you register select to receive messages at a time of day when you know you will most likely be in private to avoid others seeing an incoming text about cannabis.

Resources to read before you try:

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